Monday, October 11, 2010

blue skies | blue Monday

Lately, the weather has been making me fall in love with autumn. The deep rich blue cloudy skies and the warm (not hot) sunshine followed by the cool breeze is total bliss. It's been a past couple perfect days. Yesterday during my family session at the park all I kept thinking to myself, "I wish this Miami weather would continue for the rest of the year". Beautiful days like these are meant to make us wish for brighter and happier feelings. Even though I am known to love rainy days, fall's weather is one to envy. Coco and I have been taking trips in the mornings to the beach to soak it all in. I really believe it helps set the mood for the rest of the day. There is something so magical about the ocean. It helps clear your mind and focus on thoughts with a greater positive outlook. When I stare off on to where the sparkling blue meets the horizon, I can't help but relax; such a calming effect. Breathe. Appreciate the fact that I live so close to the beach once again. [Because it is so easy to take it for granted.] Smile at the tingle of the salty wind spin my hair to knots. Capture it all in my heart and bring it with me as I carry on with my daily activities. Time is flying by, already a new season. Before we realize winter will be right around the corner. Which means time to bring out that clothes that takes up most of my closet space. But that also means it's time for boots, trench coats, and scarves... can't wait. I wish you all a wonderful week, hopefully the good weather streak will carry on. :)
SOTD: Tu Recuerdo by Ricky Martin. (It's been SOTD for the past 3 days... can't get enough of it.)


  1. You are so cheesy. But I love it. A great week to you too babes.

  2. Ashley KillebrewOctober 12, 2010