Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happiness | Miami Family Photographer

There comes along in time a person that captivates your attention. That with just a look they've got a hold of you and they can either make you smile or frown in an instant. I was told beforehand that this little one was particular as to who she payed attention to... but almost immediately during our first look, I won her over. She is so expressive and totally aware of everything around her. Maybe its how I am so dedicated to my job that I really don't care if you may think I am making a fool of myself in front of the children, but it definitely works. She loved it, and I got the pictures I wanted. We had a big family session, all the cousins and parents joined in. I don't do these as often, but when I do, I remember how big my own family is and how nice it would be if one day we would do this ourselves. I love big families. This is a preview of our time together at the park.
Here are the momma's of the kiddos, three sisters, because I told them I need a picture of just them too. I really did have a fantabulous time with them. We shot the session in the park that we have all been going to as children. Which at first I forgot might of been crowded with others, but yeah that quickly wasn't the issue when we left the playground and crowds behind. Every time I shoot there I see it in a totally different way. What I once thought was fun to go bike riding, skating and feeding the ducks... has turned into my work playground. Makes me feel old... and then I remember that I still go there to ride bike, skate and feed the ducks and I don't feel old anymore. ;) This week is flying by. Which is good... I am anxious for my shoots this weekend. Can't wait to see what happens. On other note, everything for the Louisiana trip is ready for next month. Glad that all that is squared away. Today's blog post has taken me all day to write because I woke up in such a dancing mood. Today's SOTD are the kind that I will get up and dance for... the ones I am dancing to right now. (what a mix of choices...)
SOTD: CanciĆ³n de Amor by Don Omar
Los Campeones de la Salsa by Willy Chirino
All I Ever Wanted by Basshunter


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE... can't wait to see them ALL. Thanks so much! You really captured who we are... and how much we really love each other! :)

  2. Haha your sister said the same thing: "Omg! I am in love with the pics ♥ ♥ Thank you Thank you!!!"
    You guys are so cute! Love loved working with you. :)