Friday, October 22, 2010

Miss Sassy Giggles | Miami Baby Photographer

Sometimes you reconnect with people you haven't seen in a long time and it feels as if it were only yesterday that you were together. That's the case for my next mommy, we used to go to the same high school and now years later, I was photographing her new family. How cool is it to have old classmates your age doing all sorts of things in different trades. I know that in a few years I am going to look for doctors and lawyers among my class and be like, "Remember me?The skinny girl with long hair, the one sitting next to you in biology... yeah won't you please be my physician". That will be the day... until then I will continue to take pictures of every one's family and wedding engagements, because that's what people my age seem to be doing. Getting married and having babies. For the rest of the singles out there... soon enough it will be your turn, or what the heck, let's have a "single ladies" photo shoot. We can sing to Beyoncé's song the whole time through. Woohoo. I will not be one to discriminate! Alright back on track with this lovely family. So I've known the momma for a while and had only heard stories about little Izabella Sofia, and how much of a ham she was. Jenneth just said, "Wait until you meet her. You will see." I thought I knew, but I had no idea. The sassiest tiny little person I have ever met! These are my favorites from our session together. It was so hard to even pick because I loved her expressions in them all. Makes me want to pinch her chubby cheeks! And I must not forget to mention... Dad, thank you for being so supportive and at least in front of me, not complaining one bit about all the cheesy stuff we gotta do to make the little ones laugh. You have no idea how much it means to us women to get our family pictures taken. Thank you thank you!
Ahem, see what I tell you about being sassy and fabulous... work it Bella!
Thank you guys for such a lovely time together. Bella is so beautiful. I just want to steal her for the day and pretend she's my baby. Don't worry I've got a 5 hour return policy... haha. I hope to see you all soon!
It's Friday folks! Woohoo! I am probably off somewhere right now discovering new shooting locations. I have dedicated today as a scavenger hunt for 'must-go-to-places' for upcoming sessions. Somewhere between Coconut Grove and South Beach, with a Starbucks cup in hand, sunglasses on and a camera on my neck... yeah I blend in real well with the tourist. Have an exceptional weekend everyone!
SOTD: Single Ladies by Beyoncé [just because I now mentioned it, it will be stuck in my head all day.]
Like a G6 by Far East Movement (yes I am part of the crowd that likes this song. hehe)


  1. hay!! pero que preciosa!!! of course they are all fab! Great work! omgomgomg SOD: like a g6!!! me mori!

  2. Jenneth CastrilloOctober 22, 2010

    Thank you!!! I ♥ it and the pictures you are sooo great at what you do! You can borrow Izabella anytime! :] ♥

  3. Holy Cow, Abbie - these shots are amazing! Just so, so good!!

  4. Thank you guys so much!! :)