Friday, October 1, 2010

SATC: The Girls called Sugar Cookies

Many of you at first sight of the SATC poster thought that I was going nuts with the idea of a shoot of that nature. Probably because you weren't thinking beyond the big pink word: SEX. "Now she has really gone over board...". For those of you who were following that path, I am very sorry to disappoint. This is an inspired shoot, not a literal one, not a copy-cat of the show or movies, and not a summary of what the series "Sex and the City" is about. You will not guess any details about Carrie and Big on this blog post. And if you have never heard of the show then you are going to enjoy it just as much as the next person that has seen every episode. Because after all this isn't a post about SATC.
Photographers are always looking for means of inspiration. Something that will push our creative limits and make that visual mind of ours twirl. I for one get inspired with so many that really it isn't difficult for me to pitch you an idea. Right now, I have tons of things I want to try and see come to life. Execution of these ideas is where the downfall occurs. Most of my ideas aren't for paid shoots. They are just fun things to try or things that I wish my next couple would be willing to do. So they fall behind and are kept in my planner for a rainy day. Well lately, it's been pouring at Abigail Todd Photography. I've needed something to break the cycle and get me back to my lively mojo where I enjoy my job more than Chloe, the Starbucks barista or Susan, the nurse. That is where this shoot and this project thing that I have started comes into place.
The inspiration that I have withdrawn from SATC is the sublime importance of friends and therapy. We all go through rough patches in our lives. Be that because of heartbreaks or family, work or sicknesses, loneliness or things that we really have no other option but to bear. The girls at SATC stick together, through thick and thin, no matter what happens. They turn to each other for the simple comforts that shopping with the girls brings when things don't go your way. They tell each other the truth and face reality with 5-inch heels on. Some turn to hobbies, more hours at work, a close friend when they need to be uplifted. But in the end, they are there for each other with a cosmo in hand, together. Just like Carrie says, "Life doesn't always turn out to be your fantasy. That's why you need friendships that are real to get you through it all."
At one of our weekly Starbucks night out, I told the girls that I wanted to have a group shoot. Every other time I had participated in one I felt rejuvenated and ready for action, so the idea was going to work. We immediately started planning and knew that this is what we all needed... a reason to get dressed up and act girly, together. We went shopping for our outfits... which turned into chaos in the fitting room. I have never laughed so much trying on all sort of oddball things. We wanted to push our comfort zones, try something different but that still reflected our personalities in some way. Once I was in the middle of plotting the shoot I thought, "Wouldn't this be awesome to do for others? To have girly group shoots as an outlet for friends to have fun together?" The idea exploded in my head when I started to outline the details. Soon it all became an empowering girlfriends project. My girlfriends and I would be the guinea pigs and the rest would follow according to how well everything played out. In high school, we were the kind of girls that were always taking pictures of each other/together. We would all dress up in the same color and wear our hair the same... typical teenage stuff. The thought of all of us being photographed again, almost 5 years later, got us all really excited. The day of, I was nervous, as if it were my first shoot ever. The pressure of having my friends watch me work was making me jittery. Our friend Gian Marco came along to help with the shooting, since I would be present in the pictures most of the time. [Which by the way... THANK YOU SO MUCH, you were amazing!] My mom and brother, Samuel were in-charge of lighting and props. The rain finally stopped and it was time to work the magic. Here is us. Being ourselves. Being silly. Being teenagers again. Being together. Enjoy.
Styling: all from Forever 21. We love them for this kind of thing.
Make-up & Hair: Steph and I... which took absolutely forever. Shoot was suppose to be during the day... we improvised and set up for a night-time scene instead. Our daytime version will come soon enough.
This is so like Steph... I am so happy that Gian Marco snapped her during her live out moment.
Just some what a bit about us: We all went to the same high school - MLEC class of 2006. We all became friends then, freshman year. Steph and I got close because we had almost every class together, the same goes for Laura and Jenny. But we inevitably had to be together everyday of the four years we were there because of our career path class - Finance. That class is the reason that we got to be such good friends. The memories and history that we created in high school will stay with us forever. We were always seen together, as if one was missing we weren't complete. Now, years later, we have reconnected. It's as if time never went by.
Time for my favorite outtakes. These just happened and I really like them...
I am including some fitting room behind the scenes... everyone that worked there had to ask what in the world we were planning... all this excitement had to be because of something big. And for us... yes it was.
The idea of this shoot, to play dress-up with friends, is something that I have always enjoyed doing. I can remember times when my best friend, Rex and I would do the same... sew up a dress and parade around taking pictures. Shopping and fashion have always been a girl's go-to therapy. We already have plans of shooting part 2... of which we have become even more excited since this turned out to be so much fun. Well, how is my idea of doing this for others going to work? That is part of the surprise. If you are interested, you (like us) have a group of friends that enjoy spending time together and want to have a group shoot... email me. I have high hopes for this project, and really can't wait to get it rolling.
To my sugar cookies: thank you. Thank you for being yourselves and going along with my pitch. I knew that we would rock it. I am in love with the pictures. I see our personalities and remember details in every picture. Thank you for sharing a shoulder to cry/laugh on as I sipped on white mocha after white mocha with an occasional pumpkin spice late that I seem to always get from Star and Buck. For being too loud indoors and for sitting through loud outdoors. For sharing and caring and for [adkfjsadklfjsdlkj]. You are all so beautiful. I love you so much. XOXO
Your Sugar Cookie
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  1. Tina RodostaOctober 01, 2010

    LOVE IT! Let me know if you ever need my hair/makeup team for anything like this! We love doing fun shoots like this when we can :)

  2. Abby. Estan fabulosas estas fotos. De verdad que no puedo creer que eres tu. Te ves increible. Y las muchachas tambien. Todas estan bellas. I got so excited I started to type in Spanish. Jajaja. Awesome job and from what I heard you had so much fun. I am so happy for you. You honestly truly deserve it. You always leave me anxious wanting to know what is going on with the next shoot. I am sure that it will be as wonderful as this one. You should bring your dog coco next time. He would be the perfect prop!!! Jajaja Like Samantha!!! I just remembered. I can't believe you didn't think of that before. For once I have a decent idea before you. Love ya girl, beautiful job on these!

  3. Oh my goodness, I really had totally forgot about using Coco in the pictures!!!!!!! We need a re-shoot!!! How could of I forgotten my hairy son. Today we were already planning the next one so I will definitely remember to include him then. That is going to be soooo CUTE!!!! Can't wait. THANKS AIMEE FOR THE SUGGESTION!!! ♥
    You all should feel free to suggest away. :) Especially for these kind of shoots. It's so much fun organizing them. Oh and @Tina when I am in Baton Rouge again I will definitely let you know. :)

  4. Stephanie MualimOctober 06, 2010

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing these pictures – even if its 123 times a day! These pictures really capture the essence of friendship: the laughter, the fun, the smiles and poses, the fashion, but most importantly, real and honest love that comes from the heart. I am so grateful for having the best friends that any girl could ever have! Because of all of you beautiful girls I have lived unforgettable moments (starbucks meetings, lol) that I will always cherish in my heart. Your good advice, your wise words, and your honest opinions have helped my heart grow and it now has ‘so much love to give!’. Really, Abby, thank you for always being there for me, thanks for allowing me to be part of your life – but most importantly, thanks for being the sister I never had. I love you and I wish you the best with your photography business because not only do you deserve it, but you are the best photographer that I have ever met! You have an incredible talent and I know that one day you will be taking pictures of the real Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte because you ARE that good! I love you more than words could ever describe!!!


  5. I ♥ Steph. That is all I have to say. :)