Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Yesterday I started to prepare this blog post, so technically I am stretching blog me Monday's one more day. I had been saving this topic for a while. Let's talk about shoes girls. [I am assuming that they guys won't find as much interest in this one.] I have a very diversified collection of which I am most proud of. When I go shopping, I will probably walk out of the store with a pair or two of shoes. That definitely is my favorite thing to go shop for. To find a good deal in a hot pair of heels... really makes my day. That picture above sums up my personality; converse-to-pumps. Sunday afternoon I got together my new favorite pairs and organized a photo shoot for them, because they are that special. Seriously. My mother thought I was nuts, but then again most people that see me lying on the floor with my camera think so too. Here they are... my own favorites of the season.
This pair of Nine West pumps makes me drool. I searched for them for about 2 hours. The adventure adds all the more significance. Macy's had one shoe, lost the other in the store. When we found it... let's just say I was "!!!!!!!!". They were meant for me. When I am meeting with a client about planning their shoot, I always emphasize the importance to my seniors or any other fashion look-alike session to remember about picking good shoes. Let the shoes show me you. Bring me your favorites and make sure that you dress from head to toe. I always love to take shoe shots. This all reminds me of Virginia, my senior who shared the loving interest. I am sure that we could go shopping for each other anytime.
This pair of Marc Jacobs is probably my favorite shoe of them all. SO SO comfortable, even with the five-inch heel. I even wore them to a concert. Didn't feel a thing. They win my go-to award.
This pair of BCBG is my latest addition, I haven't worn them yet. I am saving them for a special reveal... an outfit that just speaks their language. Unlike most people that will first buy an outfit and then match up a shoe... I work the other way around. I care more about what is on my feet... is that normal? Normal or not it's me. Look down at my feet when I am dressed up (otherwise you will find me in a pair of flip flops or chucks). Even though I will add, I found a perfect pair of in-between shoes for shooting weddings. They are a mix between a flat and a wedge. I am hoping that they will work wonders.
These two were the ones I have recently used in the SATC shoot. Both equally favorites. A shoe that incorporates my love of zippers, hot pink and animal print... ding ding. Instant love. And blue suede pumps, that's a given. You can see more of them here, during the DBUI shoot.
The sole purpose of blog me Mondays is so that I can wish you all a great week. I hope that as I give you a little piece of me it will provide you with some Miami sunshine to make tedious Monday's a lot brighter. I had the best chill Monday yesterday. I went to the beach and didn't get in. Just laid there and enjoyed the simple pleasures of the salty breeze and mild heat of the rays during the month of October blushing my skin. I let the sound of the ocean doze me off to thoughts of being in delight. I enjoyed my Monday. I know that it has set the mood for the rest of the week. Some times we forget to notice the small things. We might feel as if nothing went right that day, we didn't accomplish as much as we wanted to, we were tired, someone ruined our day... but we never stopped to enjoy something small. I have changed that for myself. I enjoy the small things. Like having 10 minutes to enjoy one of the greatest food creations known to man, Häagen-Dazs Baileys Irish Cream cone. That was the highlight of my Saturday. You might think, what a boring Saturday. But to me, it was rich and creamy. Smooth and sweet and utter perfection. Superb Saturday. What about you? I wish you the best of what Tuesday can offer and so on for the rest of the week. I'll leave you with a favorite quote: "Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." - John W. Gardner. Happy Tuesday everyone!
SOTD: Radioactive by Kings of Leon


  1. I am raiding your closet and stealing the ninewest colorful shoes. What size are you again? JK Thank you for wishing me some sunshine, I need it today. Estoy de madre! Gracias mi chiquitica. Ah y puse your song of the day and I liked it. It got pumped to workout.

  2. I am glad you liked it. You would actually like a lot of the stuff I listen to. Today is a happy day so even though I have already selected it as SOTD it's just what is playing right now. & YOU HAVE ROOM TO TALK WITH ALL YOUR SHOES. Leave my shoes alone. :P

  3. Now THIS post is so you;) I remember some of these shoes from the first day I met you. Your next post should be of your extensive coat collection. I like you.

  4. @ Kaylynn - Now there's an idea, coat collection. :)