Tuesday, October 19, 2010

South Beach on an early Friday morning

On Friday I checked an item off my bucket list. [Bucket list post coming soon.] I have been living in Miami most of my life and had never seen a sunrise at the beach. So simple. It's taken for granted by most South Floridians. Being on the east coast, sunrises is the way to go. I have watched plenty of sunsets, so that wouldn't be considered a must try item on the list. Even though I will admit, I am a sucker for the sun and water. Together, separate, doesn't matter in what form. I have been thinking of shooting early morning sessions at the beach, so this presented itself as the perfect opportunity to knock two things at the same time. I woke up super early, got my basket together and headed off to South Beach. Had a friendly pit-stop at my favorite breakfast place (aka *bucks) for some super yummy morning buns. (If you aren't so much into sweets, this is a perfect option.) (And yes I do realize that I seem to sell/promote Starbucks every time I write a post. I promise I have no affiliation with their advertising department. haha) Found a parking spot right away, which if you try to do later on during the day, it rarely happens. You just have to get real lucky to land a close one most times. Picked a nice looking patch of sand and plopped all my stuff down. Time to relax and enjoy.
It wasn't long before I was surrounded by the most curious little creatures. I love seagulls. Always have and probably always will until the day one attacks me. The weather was so amazing. You can tell that the air is changing, the cool breeze and wind don't speak summer anymore. The sand feels cold and almost wet. The birds almost huddle, and I laugh at how they tend to hide their legs... so cute. This time of day, even if it's early, was giving me such a beautiful display of pinkish light... wanted to call up a family and shoot right then and there. I was ooohing and ahhhing the whole time.
You might remember this little guy, the one I called Frank. Here he is, modeling for the camera. Keeping a close watch of my every move. Making sure that I don't drop a crumb of my morning bun. Because he had no personal space issues. I secretly loved that. My pigeon companion... and to make a connection - my Starbucks rewards card happens to be called birdy, has a pretty pink background with migration birds on it and yup I had not thought of this before, but I am a bird person. Not more than I am dog person, because Coco rules, but these feathered friends do have a special place in my heart.
A good book is a must. I'm always reading quite a different selection of books. I have started about five different ones and catch up on reading them depending on the mood of the day/night. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice for the third time... definitely one of my favorites if not it. I am a big Jane Austen fan. "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."
This friendly breakfast-eater-at-the-beach-like-me started a chaos amongst the birds. He brought along Burger King. The birds went nuts. Literally. I just sat back and watched. It was his turn to fend them off for a peaceful breakfast. Quite the show I must add... these guys aren't playing around when it comes to food. And hash-brown nonetheless.
My lovely morning at the beach concluded far too quickly. I stayed until the sun warmed my cool skin and the tourist started arriving with their beach attire. I read and I watched others. I fed the birds and shooed them away from pecking at my straw. I sat there mostly alone admiring the beautiful sunrise and completely enjoyed it. I went home feeling energized and totally refreshed. What a simple pleasure will do to ya... definitely something I will be scheduling for myself again. Soon. And while I wish that these pictures could make you feel like you were there sitting by me enjoying too, I will say that I took them in efforts to relax you too. I can't believe I lived away from this for so long. I really really really missed the ocean, and all that comes along with it. The next time that you are stressed or think "I need a vacation" if you are one of my Miami readers, plan to do something like this. If you aren't in Miami, you must come. There is a photographer that I really admire and she does this thing called a "staycation". That is where you see your current living city through the eyes of a tourist. Doing all the "it" things, without having to spend money on plane ticket, hotel or lodging... very smart idea. Living in Miami is a "staycation" all year round. Don't take that for granted! Fall or winter, who cares, go to the beach anyways; with sweaters and fleece if you must. When you do, tell me about it. I would love to hear about your relaxing escape. It's Tuesday, I know, I am a day behind - but still, HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK! I will be posting family session previews soon. So so cute. Till then, tootles my friends. [Lime green toenails... oh yes I did!]
SOTD: You Got What I Need by Joshua Radin. Also by him - I'd Rather Be With You, Closer, Sky & Paperweight ... LOVE LOVE LOVE. I'm smitten by all his music.


  1. you may not beleive me when I say I actually thought "WOW, how relaxing" before I cam across the part where u say:
    "I will say that I took them in efforts to relax you too."
    Purpose served! thanks so much! :)
    I am in the process of completing an online test to renew a brokers license and I had 10 more questions to go when I decided... "I need a break" and this read was SO SO perfect. :)

  2. {smiling} mission accomplished :)

  3. Lovely post my love, ill go with you next time. i need some relaxation!

  4. Me too! I want to come and read with you. I'll bring my cafe con leche though. Haha Starbucks doesn't cut it for me. YOU NEED A COLADA niña!