Monday, October 25, 2010

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I look forward to every showcase of blog me Monday. Yesterday as I was editing, I had ideas flowing around of what I could possibly talk about today. I figured that a good break in cycle would be to sum up my past week. I watched one of my favorite chick flicks - How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days- and one of the quotes in the movie aroused my curiosity to elaborate further in such topic. "All is fair in love and war". Whether it was John Lyly who first spoke of the proverb or Kate Hudson in her charming character for the movie, it possibly may be one of my favorite sayings of all time. Even though it is often used to justify behavior that is not accepted, or to sum up the volatile matters of the heart, I feel it is too commonly disregarded as false judgement. Love and war are two circumstances where you act upon instinct and repeatedly have no control over the outcome. How details and proceedings are executed are solely dependent of who is in charge, and such person's views of what is considered admissible. Why are we so quick to judge when it comes to matters of love and war? Mainly because our conscious is trained to form judgment of the situation. Unless we were all free spirits that believed that everyone acts upon the best interest of others, there is questionable room for doubting inspiration. So, what is my take? Fairness is subjectable. I have been taught to act favorably towards others. Even if sometimes things don't always seem that way, only he who knows the motives of the heart can be the judge of actions. We may hurt others in the process of life, because who really hasn't had a misfortune when it comes down to love? Whether it's that boy you liked in high school who broke your heart or saying no to the freak that keeps annoying your existence - there is always a two-sided coin to every story and one who appears to get the shaft. When it comes to love and war, love fully and fight with your heart. Strive to act lovingly towards others. Wish for the best and deal with the aftermath with utter passion. Mistakes, problems, fears and crap will happen that will bring contention with those around you. Forgiveness is never required but most often taken advantage of or misused when given; don't let that be the end of your love. Make a war of proving yourself. The astonishment in humanity may change the views of the other party and turn everything around. Or at least we are hoping so.
Whew, how did I come around making this a full on discussion escapes me. Maybe it's the music I am listening to that is juicing me up. That and reading Pride and Prejudice... will stir up all sense of emotions. I wanted to share two out-takes of my most recent session. As I am lying in the grass surrounded by the hungry beastly ducks, this happened.
Julian's face just makes me laugh. Where did this duck come from? And why did it almost attack me? The procession of images in between weren't taken because the duck was in my face... That's what I get for yapping about how much I love the feathered friends. Let's just say that this experience with the flying freaks did not go so well. Haha... more on this session soon. To conclude this blog me Monday segment, lets talk about SOTD. The other day I picked songs of one of my favorite artists, Joshua Radin. His music really lulls me. I am not quite sure if it's his soothing voice or the soft melodious songs... but I find myself turning up the volume every morning to his stuff. On days like today, when a venti just won't be enough, I turn to tunes that help the day go by quicker. If you ever feel overwhelmed by the chaos of what the morning has thrown your way... try it. Listen to him sing to you. It WORKS!! Have an exceptionally detailed week full of events that will make you love the end of October my friends. I am off now to 'be bold and jump in the cold water'... tootles.
SOTD: [ I'm not picking today. Explore Joshua Radin's work and let me know what you like...]

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  1. I believe that my favorite is one of his new ones: You Got What I Need. Love this post by the way. Very you. Passionate about anything you set your mind to. Love ya baby cakes!