Monday, November 15, 2010

checking in...

Hiya folks! I wanted to check in for a quick sneak peak. I know that my family's are anxious to see a preview... and I am ready to get back home to start editing. These all happen to be families that I have shot a birth session for and I am so excited to of revisited them after one year. Louisiana weather has been kicking my butt, all this sudden hot/cold change... I am bearing through it all and trying not to get sick. I will be back to my normal schedule soon. As always - have a great week my lovely blog readers. Stay tuned for more from these sessions and those to come. :)
SOTD: Here We Go by Joshua Radin - it's been on replay for a long long time...


  1. Can you please hurry back? We miss you too much already. Thank you madame butterfly.

  2. Abby these pics are fantastic!

  3. I love this picture with the boys upside down! I miss you and thanks again for the photo session! Next time you are staying and we are visiting and cooking you dinner.