Wednesday, December 15, 2010

color brights | Miami Family Photographer

Every morning I wake up with the possibility of going to one of my favorite places in the world. Just a short 8 minute ride to the beach. How's that for a yummy breakfast? While most people view Miami as a vacation hot-spot, it's simply considered home for this little Hialeahian. For this session, I wanted to do what most people outside of South Florida do in the beach when it's cold, still go. It's a known fact that us Miamians will stay out of the sand for most of the winter while the snowbirds travel down south for a milder version of their cold weather. We all got dressed up to play at 6:30 am in South Beach. It was beautiful. The light, the colors, the quiet sounds of the tiny waves blending with the shore... (picture below - this is what it looked liked when we first got there.) I could so wake up looking at this every morning.
Combination sessions are one of my favorites. What am I referring to as a combo session? Double purpose, two in one - in this instance - family/maternity session. Even though it seems to be all about Zachary, Samantha is ever so present in the pictures as well. Lorayne has the cutest baby bump!
Zach is my first little boy of a million faces... during the pictures that is. It's as if he was purposely making fun or trying to look silly for me. And it wasn't because he was crying or mad... he was actually snacking and playing around; I would call out his name and he would pose like that. Check him out:
The sand on his hands weren't much fun. But the having me wipe his hands every minute or so definitely was. Not me, I like the sand. I probably looked like a freak rolling around with all my clothes playing with Zach to get the pictures I wanted. When I got home I had a pound of sand in my hair, shoes, clothes and had to shimmy shake outside to get it all out.
Thank you guys for being early morning troopers and walking lots and lots. Can't wait to meet baby Samantha!
Friends, I know that I am supposed to be all about the cold and what not because I love winter... but I need a break. I am in Miami, its not supposed to last over here. We are supposed to have one cold day a week, not everyday for the past two weeks. I am running out of clothes and options on how to go to sleep without waking up freezing. So far bundling up and wearing my toe-socks isn't working. ;) Happy Wednesday!
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  1. What a beautiful family. GORGEOUS baby. So sweet. And you aren't kidding! That view is all sorts of tremendous! Love it!

  2. Thanks!

    P.S.> If you guys were wondering... that white round thing in one of the pictures is the moon... :)