Thursday, December 9, 2010

love is...

The juices have been flowing a lot lately... creative wise that is. Today I've started planning my next big project. For weeks it has been merely ideas and a simple vision of a shot I really want blown up on a canvas on my wall. Soon it will all be coming together. You may of read on my twitter feed: I'm looking for young "in love" couples to model for a shoot. Well I have found them... may still want a couple more so don't be shy to ask. So my dear blog readers, I wanted to give you a tiny introduction to what's to come. I am beyond excited. Stay tuned.
SOTD: The Best Thing About Me Is You by Ricky Martin (feat. Joss Stone)


  1. I couldn't be more excited about what you planning!!!!!!

  2. I KNOW! kjsdflkjdsafkdjs

  3. I love your couple pictures!!! :)

    I cant wait to see what else you do :D