Monday, December 6, 2010

mon petit voyage | Blog Me Monday

For today's installment of Blog Me Monday I will be sharing pictures and stories of my latest Louisiana trip. I really am having trouble deciding which place to call home... because I quite can't say that I am stationary anymore. Traveling so much is great, but it kinda messes with your head as to where you are "supposed" to be. Who am I kidding... if my mother heard me say this, she would be so like: "Abigail, what do you mean you don't know where home is?! Mira mija, you were born and raised in Hialeah (Hialeah - agua, fango y factoria) that's home and it will always be." And of course I agree... but my dear Louisianan friends have a little piece of me too. This recent trip was all about revisiting old friends and clients that I have shared so much with. Along with trying new things and savoring old favorites that I have OH SO missed. Every time I go on a trip, I seem to set ONE goal: take pictures. Pictures of myself. Pictures of what I see. Pictures of what I want to remember. And the greatest pet peeve of coming back, is that I fail to accomplish that goal, every time. I feel that it's because since I work with a camera, it tends to be put away when I'm having fun and the only thing that I slug around is my wonderful iPhone. So my dear blog readers, here is a pot of soup of what I experienced this past trip. Excuse the quality and the randomness... that's how I tend to go on vacation.
I was smitten with this building, and have decided that I want words like that on one of my walls. [ mental note: BIG BOLD letters, quotes or words that represent art for the office... next home improvement project. ] I read Dizzy & Jimmy during my two flights - yes, the whole book. It's one of my favorite auto-biography books, ever. I have a new nickname among friends, Juju; and now it seems I find that word everywhere. My rental was a little Ford Focus... which I learned to love. Especially the sunroof because the weather was soooo purrrfect.
In MIA there is no such thing as the change of leaves during the fall. Seeing it happen made me all nostalgic of what fall and winter is actually supposed to be like. But then again I remembered all the layering of clothing just to go outside to take Coco to go potty and how I would never want to get out of bed in the morning and started to love my Miami weather again. I made it a point to pig out this trip. I think I even gained some weight. Woohoo! [Yes, gaining weight for me is a good thing.] La Madeleine probably got tired of seeing my face... I was there almost every other day. I have been thinking that in the future I may collaborate to open a franchise here in South Florida... I know I would have a handful of faithful customers - starting with my parents and brother who were insanely jealous that I was having soup and more DELISH soup and they weren't. Lucy's is also a must go-to place of mine over there. Mainly for their margaritas, which are my favorite by far of any place I have ever tried. Starbucks. That's a given no matter where I am... I took pictures of the ones there just to prove that I am a loyal customer. AND to show that even though the folks over there prefer CC's - *bucks is so much better - I decided to opt out of the locals recommendation this time. But I will say... the baristas over there need to learn a thing or two from my friends at the 49st Starbucks in Hialeah. (When I was back home, and welcomed with a "where were you for a week?" I knew I was glad to be back. The VIP and extreme friendliness was definitely missed.)
I MISSED COCO TERRIBLY. Everyday. Every time I went to bed. In the mornings. During lunch. All the time. So my friends surprised me with a carved pumpkin of Coco's face. (In November... yes they saved a pumpkin for me, how cute!) Let's just say that it made me feel so much better. Haha. Isn't he adorable?!!?! My parent's have now decided that he is more "their" dog, which is totally causing some controversy in the family. Coco now welcomes my dad in a higher pitched squeal than me... and yes that is making me jealous. He needs to reconsider his uncommon behavior.
If you truly want to know what I was up to, ask the bears. I became good friends with a couple of stone cold statues... and they seemed to love my attention. As you can tell:
I worked hard during my trip. Shooting and editing were my main attraction. Only during my breaks would I "have fun" going out to eat. Which I will say that was one of my favorite highlights of the vacation. I watched Kaylynn work and realized that we as photographers, have no life. Honestly. But at least we have that common quality together. :) I would like to thank my friends who welcomed me to their homes and made me part of the family. Fed me and babied me while I was there. Those who took the time to come see me (cough cough) and those who were there the whole time. There was so much more that I wanted to do, but time did not allow. There is always next time. Thank you so much for your attention and care... can't wait to see you and do it all over again. NEXT TIME: I want crawfish. So that means that I will be skipping a doodle over there in the summer for sure.
SOTD: Set the Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol


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