Thursday, December 9, 2010

one kiss please | Miami Family Photographer

It's cold. But it's sessions like this that make me all warm inside. I look forward with pure excitement to shoot Kristin's family portraits every time. It's because I know that she is the kind of mom that treasures the pictures so much that she will design books and cards, and decorate the whole house with the latest photos. I've walked in their house and seen my pictures on their walls, makes me smile, a lot. She is always actively involved in the planning process and coordinates everyone's clothing and props perfectly. I really imagine myself that way one day when I have children of my own. I am so happy to have moms that care so much about what I do, makes my job so pleasant and rewarding. I had a hard time choosing favorites, because this became a huge session, so here is ALL the ones I really really liked. Enjoy!
Sam reminds me of a little Ralph Lauren baby model... blonde, tie, sweater... what a cutie patootie. I believe I mentioned before that his brother, Luke, was one of my birth session babies. My third birth session ever, and its been quite some time since then. They are forever my memory of hospital visits as the session who had the most family members come in the room to welcome the baby... not to mention the family who's faces couldn't possibly show more love and affection... raw emotion.
Kiss kiss time... I love Sam's tongue out face... :P
Ahh love is flowing through the air. Kiss here, kiss there. I want a kiss too.. :) Thank you guys for being so great despite our technical difficulties... I knew that if there was one family that would never mind having more pictures it would be you guys... :) Fellow blog readers, enjoy the weekend... bundle up, cuddle and snuggle.. it's brrr cold. I will be at my local Starbucks with an IV of pumpkin spice warming up my veins. Que rico!
SOTD: There You'll Be by Faith Hill

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