Friday, December 3, 2010

Ry & Pax's Session Preview | South Florida Family Photographer

It's Friday (I love Friday's), and although it's been a while since I blogged, I have really been looking forward to sharing this family's pictures. You might recognized them from previous sessions. The moment I walked in the house and first saw Riley, almost a year later, it was as if time never went by. I joke around and say that I have a knack for children, well that may be it, or the fact that maybe babies remember... they remember the people that were there to coo at them from the beginning. Kenneth & Sarah are one of my favorite people to share with, and it doesn't even feel like work. I thoroughly enjoy photographing their family and spending time with them. Here are some of our time together. Enjoy.
I think this was an only for me to capture moment... Kenneth coming down the slide, was priceless. Mainly because I had no idea how he was going to manage. Ry LOVED it! And I appreciated just how much they are willing to do for me to get the shots I want. Playing at home is one of my favorite ways to start a family shoot. It definitely breaks the ice and sets the mood for the rest of the duration of the session. Kids feel more relaxed knowing that I am there to play with them and not ONLY to take their picture. That kinda freaks them out at times, pressure is tough on kids. Play sessions definitely have my A+. It's not always ideal because of space limitations and/or lighting, but if that's what you want... I will make it happen.
This is one of my favorite things to do during a kids session... swinging back and forth - I don't know if that has an actual name or not, but you get the picture. Pax was loving it. It made Mom and Dad a bit tired from swinging him again and again, but I got the above picture. Which for Pax will be a tremendous accomplishment... he went so high he came out of my frame... that's like a woohoo!!! for the little munchkin.

It cracks me up every time that parents use reverse psychology on their kids. At first I didn't quite understand. Why would you tell your child not to do what we want him/her to do? That was until how saw how magically it works. For instance, "Don't you look at me and give me a big smile! Don't you do it!" Ding! Eyes my way and perfect smile... GENIUS I tell ya. It's our rebellious nature to do what we are told not to, and wow, I never thought it worked at such a young age. For photographers, that's an awesome trick. Bribery works too, but then again I believe that we have to follow through on what we promised... because if not I will always be remembered as the girl that promised them some candy and never gave them any... not cool.
And so ends our family session preview. Thank you guys for being awesome as always. I look forward to my next visit to Louisiana so we can hang out... miss ya already! Much love and kisses!
Can you believe it's December already!! I woke up today so nostalgic towards 2010 and where it went so fast to. The holidays have got me a bit rushed for everything. I really am trying to get everyone in and out in a timely manner and that's why the blog has gotten some what of the boot lately. But I promise that I am not ignoring you if I haven't gotten around answering every one's request immediately. I am here... bright-eyed and bushy tailed, wild hair and all - working like a busy little bee. Enjoy the weekend everyone, the weather is supposed to be FANTABULOUS! So go out and do something fun in the sun... I know that I will. :)
SOTD: They Bring Me To You by Joshua Radin


  1. Abigail...
    you are sooo sweet to our family. You make us look good and thanks for everthing you do. God blessed you with some serious talent! Can't wait to see you again, xoxo
    Sarah, Kenneth, Pax, and Ry