Thursday, January 6, 2011

love is... | Laura & Ovi

I've been prancing around lately with a big smile on my face and well... people have started to notice. 'What's going on with Abby?' 'Why is Abby so happy?' Well... December was a turning point for me. I came up with an idea for a shoot that I wanted to try out - has to do with trains, couples, love, kisses, heavy wind.... talk about a vision, right? I started to act upon all my thoughts right away and began my search for models and willing subjects to carry-out my plan. The hunt was exciting. I loved hearing from all the couples that were interested in participating in the shoot. Things immediately initiated. First up were my good friends Ovi & Laura. (Aren't they cute!) The vision: The Notebook meets Pearl Harbor... ( I'm laughing real hard inside at this one because describing that to people was actually harder than I thought it would be. ) Off we went looking for their outfits and boy, did I crack up with all the costume possibilities. When the day finally arrived, I was back on trial make-up and hair duty... which now has become a normal thing... Abby the photographer/hair/make-up/crazy girl running-around in pj's with pan con bistec for Laura. Here they are, the first set of the love is... project. Enjoy.
Love is... sweet.
Love is... sparks.
Love is... rush.
Love is... sparkle.
There is not much more I can say about this project... other than it's got my lovey juices flowing. I'm so excited for all the rest of the shoots that are coming soon. On another note, 2011 is starting on the right foot. I am about to go shoot a newborn session, followed by a maternity and more of my train business... so I am one happy camper. Weather lately has been PERFECT - can't complain one bit. Even though today it seems like it's going to rain, which reminds me of my next big idea shoot... I am in the search for colorful umbrellas. I tweeted that a couple of weeks ago... If you know of any store (even one online) that sells a variety of umbrellas, message me. Don't mind me and all my creativeness for fun shoots, it rubs off on my regular sessions as well, trust me. Back to being a busy little bee. Have a great rest of the week folks. I will be off shooting what love is...
SOTD: Moment 4 Life by Nicki Minaj
This Is My Life by Edward Maya
That's Life by Michael Buble