Friday, February 18, 2011


Someone forgot to press my play button. The inactivity that I have put my poor blog through is totally uncalled for. What did he ever do to deserve such abandonment? Hiya fellow lost people. :) The beginning of this promising year has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. Of which I will admit, has it's great advantages and low-key moments to spare. Honestly, I've been in a phase of writers block. Countless of times I've started to post and deleted the whole thing for fear of getting to riled up on a particular subject or saying nothing at all. Not today.
I've chosen a word of the day (kinda like our teacher's used to do back in school): Ambivalence. [Definition (wikipedia): the experience of having thoughts and emotions of both positive and negative valence toward someone or something.] Lately, I've been in such a emotional state of battling with my brain, even with my hopes and dreams. It's not a surprise if one day I am off happily shooting birds and bees and the next I am looking at my camera wanting someone else to read my creative mind and carry out my visions for me. Sad part of it all is that I know the reason that this is happening to me. I QUIT COFFEE. No joke folks. If you have been a blog reader for a while or even a friend, you know that it's my daily staple, the drive/pull that slapped energy to my days... and now... now what? I have replaced it with signing up again to the gym... "to work on my fitness". Hahaha riggggghhhtt Abigail. Truth is that when you give up something you love you need to replace it with something you love as much or more in order for it to stick without seeming like a burden. Let's just say that the gym is quite not making the cut. I still crave the adrenaline that makes my tummy & heart smile. I've suckered multiple times these past two days... figured if I have one cup might as well have three. Starbucks misses me, what can I say? ;) This weekend is jammed packed with shoots and meets. I've been feeling like someone is pulling on my limbs in every direction. Busy is an understatement. Yet, I couldn't be more delighted. I took a mini-break from my Love Is... project. So for those of you who are waiting on me to set up our shoot, things are getting back on track and we will be scheduling shortly. (Hence the empty train above. Time to fill it up!) I will be posting session previews and catching up on all that's been going on within the next couple of days. No worries. No more disappearing. I am here, here to stay. :) Enjoy your weekend everyone! The weather will be FA-BU-LOUS!
SOTD: Aléjate de Mi & Mientes by Camila

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  1. Nice to see you back love. :)