Tuesday, March 29, 2011

beautiful mess

Yesterday I listened to a song that made me want to put together a blog post. [Woohoo for inspiration.] I am no longer going to apologize for falling out of the routine of blogging continuously and in a timely manner. Because that means that I would have to apologize for a lot in my life lately. Like taking forever to answer the phone or calling back... or even a simple text message. For sleeping too long, for eating too much, for calling at wee hours at night and for disappearing in my cave called home. My friends and family have accepted that life for me right now is a beautiful mess. The only lucky people that get to see the best part of it are my clients. You guys. Because when I go shoot (when I am doing what I love) I indulge in it's greatness that much more. Every time I meet someone new and explain how I started my business and what I love about it.. my eyes almost swell with tears. I am so happy to have a creative outlet that allows me to see life in a different way. Through different eyes. I have sessions that I will be blogging soon that have inspired me... shown me the beauty of working in my favorite place in the world. Home. Miami is just so perfect. I could literally rant for hours about how much I love this city... ahh paradise. I've selected a couple pictures of some of the things that have been going on lately. They're not in chronological order... they aren't even previews... they are random shots that I wanted to share.
The series with the trains will be up soon. Picture below is my favorite outtake from the trial shoot. My best-friend Ovi is probably going to kill me for posting but then again I am sure he doesn't ever check the blog, so he will never know. The Sugarcooks (my gal-best-friends) have a new shoot coming up as well... which you will not want to miss. Turning the glamour down a notch and making it more of a 'spring break meets miss Latin America during a lunch date' shoot. Haha it's hard to describe the look.. but we are all very excited to be working together again. It's always fun when the girls collaborate.
This little one was just a dream to work with. I seemed to be a kid magnet that day.. because all eyes were on me... a photographer's treat. So easy and delightful to capture this family's special day.
I've shot games before. Football, basketball, baseball... so this wasn't a first. The boys took me out to see what kind of pictures I would come up with. Let's just say that being the only girl on the field with a huge camera... encourages everyone to puff up a bit and walk tall. :P I'm trying to convince some of them to participate in the next group shoot... but I guess it's scary to be asked to model. I wouldn't hesitate to do it.. but these boys are shy. Self-conscious about their bodies and being awkward. Go figure. Let's see what I can bribe them with. Girls are so much easier in this respect... my girlfriends you tell them, "Hey, I want to take pretty pictures of you..." and they are all up for it. I need a monster truck. Or a bike. Maybe both. And some mud. There. Perfect scenario. I will be leaving to Louisiana this Thursday... to photograph some of my favorite families.. so excited. :D If you are reading this and I haven't spoken to you about our shoot together this weekend, CALL ME... I will be calling you anyways today or tomorrow.. just tying all loose ends before I arrive in the wonderful swampy state. Friends, enjoy the rest of the week.. it's only Tuesday - end of March. It's been a crazy month. I hope I haven't put you through a whirlwind with the randomness of this post. Trust me, it took a lot to decide what to write about. Just glad I did. :) I am wishing that April brings us along lots of calm spring showers and drenches us with lots and lots of happiness. Tootles loves!
SOTD: Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz


  1. You have such a creative eye. Love all of these images, each one unique in its own way... The first one is definitely my favorite. A true piece of art!!

  2. excuse me why am i on your blog?? lol

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