Friday, April 8, 2011

"I won't tell 'em your name"

Who was you high school crush? Did he/she make your eyes twinkle and your insides giggle? Did your cheeks feel a burn from laughing and smiling just at the thought of being together? Does Taylor Swift's song You Belong With Me and Fifteen make sense? Whether this was a long time ago or you are living it right now... Sophomore year with Mr. Perfect... we can all relate to those feelings of young love. This is a session preview of the shoot I am editing right now, first one from my most recent Louisiana trip. McCall and Jacob brought me back to those years in my life. At first I was a bit scared of what to do with them... how close is too close? What will Mom (who is watching) be ok with? I didn't want it to be like one of my adult shoots... and well it wasn't. Not because of me but because of them. I said, "Alright guys be natural with each other.. flirt and do those things to each other that is sweet and cuddly..." The looks I got were... priceless. "That was so awkward." I then remembered, when I was their age... flirting and being affectionate in front of my parents was a big no-no... and "Really? Be sweet and cuddly.. in front of you? My mother? In the middle of the street? Don't think so." So despite what seemed awkward and hilarious of me to ask of them... THEY ROCKED IT! I am loving this session. So much that I wanted to blog it right away. :) It's Friday folks! Woohoo! Fridays mean nothing to me, time to work more and more... I don't have weekends off, so I can't really celebrate like the rest of humanity. Photographers know that weekends mean time for lovely sessions, weddings and shoots. [I will admit, lately I have been bumming my weekends... so it's about time I quit the slacking.. tsk tsk. ;)] I am looking forward to being one busy little bee editing all the wonderful shoots from my trip. Thank you all so much for your support... knowing that I have clients that wait for me to come into town to shoot... makes me really really happy. I love you all! Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the lovely weather that will be shinning upon us for the next couple of days. I may just go to the beach early tomorrow before my shoot to soak some of it up. :)
SOTD: Name by The Goo Goo Dolls