Friday, May 20, 2011

beach fun | Miami Children Photographer

I am so excited to share the following session. Madysen was such an awesome little model last session that I knew this time around things weren't going to be much different. Before I keep on with the chitter-chatter... here she is. The tiny smiley princess.
Take a look at these boots... aren't they the cutest thing?!? I have a knack for boots, and especially cowboy/girl ones. Love love love. If people wouldn't look at my like 'I lost my horse somewhere' or something I would wear mine all the time. Sure, I know what you are thinking, who cares what other people think... Well if I was still in Louisiana, I might actually do so. But, here in Miami... I don't know... What do you guys think: Bikini & cowgirl boots? Hot or Not? ;)
It was Madysen's first trip to the beach. Lucky thing I came along to photograph all her reactions. I wish I would of had that of myself. The feel of the sand. Seeing the ocean for the first time. The waves. The sound of them crashing at the shore. The salty breeze. The way that it's in constant motion. This crazy sand business that sticks to you... and no matter what you do you will not get off of you.. even if you keep touching it, rubbing it.. ugh. The water rushing at you... for the first time. Guys, she FREAKED!
Rain boots? Oh yes please.
It's officially Friday now (woohoo) [I know I celebrate for pretty much everything] !!! I have lots of things planned for later today. Really excited about my afternoon at the beach after taking care of all my business in the morning. I have the most awkward tan right now... I left my sunglasses on for far too long and it's as if I am wearing a Zorro mask... People were staring at me in Walmart today, again, and it wasn't nice. So, I have come up with a plan to tan only my eyes so they can catch up to the rest of my body. Hehe :) Let's see... what can I update you guys on that has nothing to do with the beach or pictures... OH oh - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is out today. Definitely will be rolling into theatre for that. I am reading 3 books at a time now. One of which is a new read and two others that I have decided to revisit for comfort reasons. I am working up a post of favorite book quotes... more on that later. Grey's Anatomy season finale last night... totally missed it - can't wait till it's up online to watch. Oh and speaking of season finale - CASTLE.. totally knocked me off my socks. I am in awe, literally, of how they chose to end the season. I have 6 semi-baby chickens. There is one which I named Ricky Martin because of his highlighted head feathers... he loves me and thinks I'm his momma. I want to shoot them before they get any older/bigger. AND I meant that in the taking their picture sense of course. (devilish little laugh) Coco likes them A LOT. Things with my blog are finally shaping up, 'glad to be coming back to the way things were'. I really missed seeing my work up somewhere. And dear families that have gone by un-blogged - there will be a special mix blog post - kinda like those random ones I do all the time - honoring your fabulous sessions. There you have it friends, a little tid-bit since I haven't given you all a Blog-Me Monday in a while... who knows - surprise surprise!
SOTD: Bounce by Calvin Harris
Take Over Control by Afrojack feat. Eva Simons. It seems this song gets me out of the worst of moods possible.
One more - totally random song that totally doesn't go at all with the other two - popped into my Pandora today: Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega. I love it when it's been a while and you hear something like this.


  1. Like always you have exceeded my expectations!!! Great Job, THANK YOU for capturing Madysen Anne just the way she is!!! I LOVE EVERY ONE OF THE PICS... that's the problem I CAN"T CHOOSE JUST 1!!!

  2. I am so happy to hear that you love them all and that the essence of who Maddy is reflected in the pictures. That's what I always want for every family. :) She's a cutie and of course picking is the hardest part!

  3. <3 that is all. Just <3