Tuesday, May 24, 2011

green grassy hills | Miami Family Photographer

Happy Tuesday everyone! It had been a year since the last time I had seen my dear friends the Bollingers. I just love working with this family. Little Niles stole my heart a long time ago with his charm and good looks. Miss Addison is learning from her big brother how to work the camera herself... too too cute. These are my picks from our session together recently.
Niles was all about rolling in the grass... so much that in every picture there is evidence somewhere on his face/shirt/teeth... :)
I loved her little tutu! I am such a frilly girly girl. All this kind of stuff makes me want to have my own little ballet dancing princesses. :) There is still more to come of the Louisiana sessions. Looks like I will be coming again in the summer. I will be posting dates as soon as plans become more concrete. Alrighty folks... back to paying attention to the Heat game. :) This is a close one. My anxiety is through the roof right now. C'mon WADE!
SOTD: Be Somebody by Kings of Leon


  1. Amazing work! This has to be one of my favorite sessions to date. Getting excited about doing our own.

  2. Beautiful! One of my favorite sessions to date.

  3. Abigail AlvarezMay 25, 2011

    Thank ya! :)