Friday, May 6, 2011

TO DO: Coco/bike/beach=PICTURE

Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch. Watch what unravels in front of you. Sometimes it's not about the pose; but what happens after people get comfortable or change it up a bit to best represent what they would naturally do. Sometimes you have to be patient. Even if the sun is giving you the most divine light ever and you don't want to miss it. Sometimes you have to wait for an outfit change, or a diaper change, or a even a change in memory card. Rushing doesn't work around here. I happen to be one that if I ever feel rushed... I get really frustrated. It may be because my parents graced me with an immense sense of patience or perhaps because I am a perfectionist... I think it's an equal mixture of both. In one of my most recent sessions, as I waited for a quick wardrobe adjustment, I saw this. I saw me in another person. I saw who I wished I was right at that moment. (Not that I wasn't happy shooting, because that actually turned out to be an amazing session.) I wanted to be that girl with a bike in the beach photographing her pooch. I saw in my mind what Coco would look like sitting up there. I imagined how nice it would be if Coco would be that well behaved to stay on a bike's basket instead of leaping out like a nut as I tried again and again to pose him there. I saw the picture in my camera of Coco's photogenic self looking straight at me as he always does when he sees the camera in my hand. Perfection. And I smiled to myself. In those 30 seconds that I daydreamed I added something to my long to-do list. 'Must bring Coco and a very short leash to the beach and rent a bike for amazing shot that will probably end up on a canvas in my house.' :) It's Friday everyone. We are celebrating over here with a Starbucks grande-iced-white-mocha-8 pump-extra shot-with whip in hand and happy clicking fingers editing away. May snuck up on me. I had been talking about 'Oh in May' for a while and goodness writing month "5" is freaking me out a bit. Yikes! The rain is making me creative and I can't wait to have a moment to go and just stand in it and let it calm everything around me. Yeah you can think it's psycho or whatever... but try it one day. (Not in the cold... only time it really really sucks.) Rain.. one of the most simple pleasures in life that we can't control but only enjoy. Speaking of rain...
SOTD: The Rain by Calvin Harris
Give Me Everything by Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer
Everytime this song comes on... the volume comes up and I can't stay still. Love love. [ Gave you guys 3 SOTD's, one for every day of the weekend ;) ] TTFN!


  1. Your picture has to be like that one... just you sitting on the bike or something. Look at me giving you ideas! Assistant/photographer coming up! Love ya babes!

  2. BUAHAHAHA sounds great. LY2!

  3. Maddy, Madysen's momMay 07, 2011

    I remember that Pooch, lol Madysen was all freaked out about him ha ha...