Wednesday, June 8, 2011

little miss Lexie Grey | Miami Newborn Photographer

My most recent newborn sessions have been such a dream. Working with newborn babies has been one of my favorite aspects of my work as a photographer... I have the patience and grace to somehow understand their silent language. Well, silent when they are sleeping that is. :) Meet Lexi. The moment her parents said her name would be Lexi I automatically thought of Lexie Grey. [Character from my favorite show - Grey's Anatomy. Turns out I shot an Addison Montgomery last year and now it's Lexi's turn. I wonder if I'll ever have a Meredith. Haha. :)] I enjoyed playing with her so much. She was absolutely perfect. Perfect perfect.
Something else that was quite perfect was the light in their home. I was so happy to move around between the rooms and still achieve exactly the looks I wanted. Don't these parents look smitten? Lexi has had Daddy's heart wrapped around her finger from the first moment he laid eyes on her. And she didn't even break a sweat doing so. That little angelic face wins anyone over.
Thank you both for allowing me to come and photograph your little one. I look forward to our next shoot together when little Lexi isn't quite so little anymore. Summer is in full swing over here in Miami... we really don't ever see much of a change between seasons... but SUMMER... oh yeah. THE HEAT IS ON! (Laughing to myself because yeah the Miami Heat are definitely kicking butt right now.) Oh I know we lost last night's game... but you gotta hand it to them - awesome awesome team. Woop woop! We are mid-week, only a couple more days till the weekend folks. Enjoy!
SOTD: I'm Into You (feat. Lil Wayne) by Jennifer Lopez
Escape by Enrique Iglesias

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  1. I love love love this session! Megan and Josh are so blessed to have those shots of Lexi!