Friday, August 12, 2011

Sam, Max & Elmo | Miami Children Photographer

It's very important for a photographer to get a sense for who his subject's are, what they like and what they are looking for when shooting a lifestyle session. Any session for that matter. This family... I get them. They know me and vice versa. We don't even have to plan in detail their photo shoots. I started working with them back when Max was just as young as Sam is now. Max was one of those little boys that won my heart over in an instant with his luscious blonde locks and charming deep blue eyes. Now that he's a bit older, he's developed this charisma that so perfectly fits his look. Future stud no doubt. Along with tradition, we drove on over to the neighborhood park and let the boys play and do their thing.
His hair... its one of those things I wish I could bottle up and just dab on when I need a bit of sunshine in my life. I caught myself focusing on it constantly during the shoot, as if it was a separate entity altogether. Max and then there's his amazing blonde curly hair. :) I think now that they have moved up north he will be getting it trimmed (I secretly hope not). That's right, they have relocated. And I am pretty much crushed that this was probably the last time we would get to work together. Not unless I come visit or they decide to vacation in Miami - (hint, hint). You guys definitely will be missed. But thanks to this wonderful thing called internet, I know we will keep in touch and I'll get to see those munchkins grow.
We played. He ran. And the wind carried his hair and I photographed it. It was lovely. But wait a minute... I wasn't the only one working that day... "Max the photographer with talking camera assistant Elmo" also came along. He literally would stop and say, "Ok my turn." This kind of thing really melts my heart into a puddle of milk chocolate. Yum. You guys were awesome as always. Like I said before, I will miss you!! I wish you guys nothing but the best in your new home.
SOTD: Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO ;) Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Monday, August 8, 2011


There is this movie that I've watched countless of times and it has the catchiest little theme song.. it goes something like this: "You've got a friend in me. You've got a friend in me. When the road looks rough ahead and your miles and miles from your nice warm bed, you just remember what your old pal said, "Boy, you've got a friend in me"." Hmm did you guess where it's from? Toy Story! As I was washing dishes today, I started humming along to that song... remembering my oldest friend. I've talked so much about her on the blog that you would think she's my child.. or Coco.. (Don't believe me? Search on the right: Rex. Haha, told ya!) I am not sure if it's a freakish thing of mine, but we have been together for so long that I feel she's with me when she's not. I can ask myself what she would say about something and even answer back in her quick slick comments. I can even see her do that lip thing and try, TRY to raise her eyebrows higher than mine. It feels like forever ago since the last time we saw each other, and even talked to each other. But we will both tell you that time and distance is something that has never once affected us. When we were kids we used to live right by each other, literally 4 houses away. Then right about middle school she moved 5 minutes driving distance. That was a OH MY GOD big deal thing. Considering that neither one of us drove, seeing each other everyday and sharing grapes wasn't going to be such an easy thing to do. But our mothers took turns bringing us both to school and that made things tolerable. Then she moved almost 2 hours away while we were in high school. If I thought the previous move was killer, I couldn't prepare for what this meant. Thank goodness for cell phones and AIM. And then it was my turn, I moved to Louisiana - 14 hours away from her. Ouch. Little by little the distance between us grew, and our bond just seemed to get stronger. Our talks that much more important and memorable. There is a saying that says you don't know what you have until it's gone. This wasn't the case because we both appreciated each other and valued our friendship tremendously. Friendships just like any other kind of relationship are work. We have had our fair share of fights and arguments, tears and like we say - attacks. But every time she was slipping away, meaning there were days I hadn't heard from her... didn't matter who's turn it was to call, or if I blew up her phone with messages, emails or even if I had to send her a webcam video... we would reunite and everything would be better. Everything always got better. Maybe because our news or troubles were now evenly spread among us two... we were no longer carrying the burden alone. We have always been the type that even our mom's know that we are closer than we are to them. To the extreme that her mom would tell me things she wanted to get through to her... And now life has switched the cards. Things have really fallen out of plan. But, I still hear her in my thoughts. Because when you love someone so so so much, there is no such thing as letting them go. They will forever be a part of you no matter what happens. No matter who tries to come between. No matter how difficult the circumstances are. Friends, if there is anything I have recently learned from what I have been through is that friends are needed. We all need someone. People who are there to hold your hand and laugh with you. Cry with you. Make weird animal noises with you. Dance your troubles away with you. Sit up late at night and jabber with you. Lay in the grass and relax with you. We may not have the same person to do all these things with. We may have several different kinds of friends. The ones we can get really close to. The ones we party with. The ones that give that motherly advice. The ones that we only get to see ever so often but can pretend like we were together yesterday once we do. And there are the ones, the rare ones, that you don't need to see, speak or be with - because they just ARE. Them existing and going about life even if they are out traveling around the world is good enough to make you happy. Be good to your friends. Value them. Don't be afraid to love them more than it seems they love you. They may just be going through something at the moment that doesn't quite let them see you the way they should. It shall pass, and they will remember what you did and how you made them feel. I know I have been rambling on today about love & friends. I had a dream last night that knocked my socks off. I dreamt that I lost her. Her that I have been talking all along about. And I just pretty much woke up out of breath and crying. What a nightmare. So, in case you have forgotten or deleted that message from a long time ago that I told you to keep looking at: I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOU. I know am not the only one tear-eyed over here right about now. What a lovely way to start my Monday. This calls for a Starbucks run - maybe even a 'Jesus in a Cup' [Custom made drink by the fabulous Corey at my local Starbucks. It's everything you need to make you feel 100% better. Anytime, every time.]. There's a extra special family session preview coming up next... Stay tuned!
SOTD: You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins. [ Yes I've been watching Tarzan too. ;) ]

Sunday, August 7, 2011

city lights, track & field | Senior Session Preview

She has this contagious smile, the kind you can't get enough of. I wouldn't know if it was because love was in the air or that was just all her. You know when people are all lovey and they are glowing... that's how this senior session went along. I remember what it was like to be a high school senior with what I thought then was going to be the love of my life... I smiled foolishly too. Truth is that love makes us smile no matter how old we are. These two were way too easy to photograph and hang out with. Maybe because it's my second sibling to shoot, (btw - Falan & Mccall have a super cool rockin' mom) so it all stayed in the family. I loved these pictures so much that I have just been feeding the blog bits and pieces - here and here. Thank you both for being such awesome sports walking around the city with me!
Every so often I become obsessed with a song. It's happened again. I really don't even know why this song appeals to me so, but it stirs my insides and soothes me all at the same time. My friend Mark sent me a link to another one of their songs and I usually like to listen to various tracks of artists I am not familiar with. I landed on this one track and let's just say it's been on replay ever since. Here's the song's video on their YouTube channel... Find Me by Boyce Avenue.

I just love love loveeee it. It's a super rainy afternoon and I am in such a chill mode. I am going to work on another blog post and keep on editing. The sound of thunder is making me want to take a nap so bad though!! That's the sweetest time to just catch up on some shut-eye... the rain tapping on the window and the distant roars of the thunderstorm. Now that I have gotten myself in the mood, a 20 minute power nap can't hurt anybody! :) Sweet dreams bloggers!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Just for Me | OSC sneak peak

They say that time heals all wounds and that great things come to those who wait. Bottom line must be that in order to be healthy and achieve greatness you must be a patient person. Luckily, I am. Along the four years that I have been shooting I have met many photographers that share the same passion I have for the arts. Some who are in it more for the business, some who want to be photographing movie star's Glamour covers, others who just love nature/people and some like myself that just feel that the camera should be part of my body. For me it wasn't about taking a perfectly composed picture, or one that will win an award... it was always just about having memories of everything. Even if that meant we were taking pictures in front of my Logitec web cam back in the day or now with my iPhone. I finally feel that it's become more than a hobby, a job, a business or a past time. You may ask now, is it after four years that you finally feel like its grown to be more? To be completely truthful, yes. In the past I've felt like its been all those things but I have been wanting more. More.
When I was younger (teen) it was just a hobby, my thing, and the best way to decorate my room/binders/desk and any wall space that I was entitled to. I basically found that the camera was just an extension of my eyes to my hand. Then when I started my business it was so exciting... I was mostly in awe that people actually wanted me to document their family's lives. It was a "job" that ever since I have always enjoyed. It grows every time I shoot... the love and need to continue to become a better photographer. It's part of me now, whether I am shooting or not. The way I see things, the things I notice... it's weird to describe and by no means do I want to sound like a freak. I guess I can say that's my gift, to see people differently than how the see themselves or how society views them. And I am so so grateful that things are this way. It's made me a much better person. Being passionate about photography for me comes from a source of my appreciation for people. Beauty. Nature. Things. Light. You see, above all the things that I do, I am a dreamer. An idealist. Always hoping for the best. Wishing on things larger than life. Making endless plans. Having visions of what would happen if only... Most nights my dreams inspire me with ideas that I know would turn out to be amazing shoots. Images. Pieces. But who has time and/or the means for all of this to actually be carried out and accomplished? So these ideas get jotted down in my daily book and a pin is placed for a rainy day. And that's how the visionary and creative stuff I wish I could photograph takes the back seat and the real (client requests) move on forward. Here's where the change needs to happen.
I don't know exactly what has overcome me these past couple of days but something has seriously gone wrong. Everything I touch gets damaged. I've been laughing about it, but really just freaking out inside, simply asking SERIOUSLY? Again? I literally am scared to go outside because of it... you know the odds of a million... they just seem to love me. Computer, hard-drive, iPhone, car, lost mail, pink-eye, stuff missing... all this negativity. Sucks. I am now reciting to myself every morning. "Today is going to be a GOOD day." It's actually working. At least in my mind it is. :) Because other wise the sadness consumes me. I get tired of being in a rut with the same 'ol stuff. I slowly start giving up on having visions. On dreaming and on creating and realizing the plans I had already set for myself. Some may say this has a lot to do with with someone or something happening but that's just putting excuses for the simple fact that my backbone has been bending. Wait a minute... Whaaaaat? Exactly. Friends, if you have ever told yourself to stop dreaming, some thing's a matter. :( Dreams are our escape from the pressures of life, from reality. In our dreams magic happens; pigs fly and the sky is really purple. I have a list of over 50 things that I have throughout the years wanted to shoot. For me. Because I dreamt it and think my ideas are awesome! Some are half-way done, some I have NO idea how I will execute. But the goal is set. I have made myself a visionary bucket-list... and these items must come to life. Some spectators of my blog may want to know what does this mean... will I no longer be shooting for the public? Absolutely not. I would love to collaborate just the same with families that in all kinds of shoots. What this means is that there will be some random stuff posted on here that don't necessarily look cohesive to my lifestyle photography on the blog. After all, I want all my readers to feel that this blog is not strictly a showcase of recent work but also about me, the photographer, and all the musings that rise. So if you are a prospect client or one that I have recently worked with, do not be alarmed. I am just adding a new category - Just for Me. First up will be my One Step Closer project. It's been two months in the making and I am very thrilled with every one's cooperation that has been a part of it. So so grateful to all my friends for their help. Here's another sneak peek of what's to come.
Coconut and I are off to the beach today to meet a client and then later soak up some rays and continue to get nice and toasty. This week I am looking forward to catching up on all my editing and hopefully blogging some more tonight. Don't let the Monday blues getcha folks! Chim chimney - Chim chimney - Chim chime cher-ee! A sweep is a lucky as lucky can be! :) I don't know why but I felt like singing that along with good morning cheer. :)
SOTD: Nothing by The Script.