Sunday, August 7, 2011

city lights, track & field | Senior Session Preview

She has this contagious smile, the kind you can't get enough of. I wouldn't know if it was because love was in the air or that was just all her. You know when people are all lovey and they are glowing... that's how this senior session went along. I remember what it was like to be a high school senior with what I thought then was going to be the love of my life... I smiled foolishly too. Truth is that love makes us smile no matter how old we are. These two were way too easy to photograph and hang out with. Maybe because it's my second sibling to shoot, (btw - Falan & Mccall have a super cool rockin' mom) so it all stayed in the family. I loved these pictures so much that I have just been feeding the blog bits and pieces - here and here. Thank you both for being such awesome sports walking around the city with me!
Every so often I become obsessed with a song. It's happened again. I really don't even know why this song appeals to me so, but it stirs my insides and soothes me all at the same time. My friend Mark sent me a link to another one of their songs and I usually like to listen to various tracks of artists I am not familiar with. I landed on this one track and let's just say it's been on replay ever since. Here's the song's video on their YouTube channel... Find Me by Boyce Avenue.

I just love love loveeee it. It's a super rainy afternoon and I am in such a chill mode. I am going to work on another blog post and keep on editing. The sound of thunder is making me want to take a nap so bad though!! That's the sweetest time to just catch up on some shut-eye... the rain tapping on the window and the distant roars of the thunderstorm. Now that I have gotten myself in the mood, a 20 minute power nap can't hurt anybody! :) Sweet dreams bloggers!


  1. Thank you for getting this song stuck in my head as well. Hate you right now.

  2. Haha that's what I am here for. :P