Monday, August 1, 2011

Just for Me | OSC sneak peak

They say that time heals all wounds and that great things come to those who wait. Bottom line must be that in order to be healthy and achieve greatness you must be a patient person. Luckily, I am. Along the four years that I have been shooting I have met many photographers that share the same passion I have for the arts. Some who are in it more for the business, some who want to be photographing movie star's Glamour covers, others who just love nature/people and some like myself that just feel that the camera should be part of my body. For me it wasn't about taking a perfectly composed picture, or one that will win an award... it was always just about having memories of everything. Even if that meant we were taking pictures in front of my Logitec web cam back in the day or now with my iPhone. I finally feel that it's become more than a hobby, a job, a business or a past time. You may ask now, is it after four years that you finally feel like its grown to be more? To be completely truthful, yes. In the past I've felt like its been all those things but I have been wanting more. More.
When I was younger (teen) it was just a hobby, my thing, and the best way to decorate my room/binders/desk and any wall space that I was entitled to. I basically found that the camera was just an extension of my eyes to my hand. Then when I started my business it was so exciting... I was mostly in awe that people actually wanted me to document their family's lives. It was a "job" that ever since I have always enjoyed. It grows every time I shoot... the love and need to continue to become a better photographer. It's part of me now, whether I am shooting or not. The way I see things, the things I notice... it's weird to describe and by no means do I want to sound like a freak. I guess I can say that's my gift, to see people differently than how the see themselves or how society views them. And I am so so grateful that things are this way. It's made me a much better person. Being passionate about photography for me comes from a source of my appreciation for people. Beauty. Nature. Things. Light. You see, above all the things that I do, I am a dreamer. An idealist. Always hoping for the best. Wishing on things larger than life. Making endless plans. Having visions of what would happen if only... Most nights my dreams inspire me with ideas that I know would turn out to be amazing shoots. Images. Pieces. But who has time and/or the means for all of this to actually be carried out and accomplished? So these ideas get jotted down in my daily book and a pin is placed for a rainy day. And that's how the visionary and creative stuff I wish I could photograph takes the back seat and the real (client requests) move on forward. Here's where the change needs to happen.
I don't know exactly what has overcome me these past couple of days but something has seriously gone wrong. Everything I touch gets damaged. I've been laughing about it, but really just freaking out inside, simply asking SERIOUSLY? Again? I literally am scared to go outside because of it... you know the odds of a million... they just seem to love me. Computer, hard-drive, iPhone, car, lost mail, pink-eye, stuff missing... all this negativity. Sucks. I am now reciting to myself every morning. "Today is going to be a GOOD day." It's actually working. At least in my mind it is. :) Because other wise the sadness consumes me. I get tired of being in a rut with the same 'ol stuff. I slowly start giving up on having visions. On dreaming and on creating and realizing the plans I had already set for myself. Some may say this has a lot to do with with someone or something happening but that's just putting excuses for the simple fact that my backbone has been bending. Wait a minute... Whaaaaat? Exactly. Friends, if you have ever told yourself to stop dreaming, some thing's a matter. :( Dreams are our escape from the pressures of life, from reality. In our dreams magic happens; pigs fly and the sky is really purple. I have a list of over 50 things that I have throughout the years wanted to shoot. For me. Because I dreamt it and think my ideas are awesome! Some are half-way done, some I have NO idea how I will execute. But the goal is set. I have made myself a visionary bucket-list... and these items must come to life. Some spectators of my blog may want to know what does this mean... will I no longer be shooting for the public? Absolutely not. I would love to collaborate just the same with families that in all kinds of shoots. What this means is that there will be some random stuff posted on here that don't necessarily look cohesive to my lifestyle photography on the blog. After all, I want all my readers to feel that this blog is not strictly a showcase of recent work but also about me, the photographer, and all the musings that rise. So if you are a prospect client or one that I have recently worked with, do not be alarmed. I am just adding a new category - Just for Me. First up will be my One Step Closer project. It's been two months in the making and I am very thrilled with every one's cooperation that has been a part of it. So so grateful to all my friends for their help. Here's another sneak peek of what's to come.
Coconut and I are off to the beach today to meet a client and then later soak up some rays and continue to get nice and toasty. This week I am looking forward to catching up on all my editing and hopefully blogging some more tonight. Don't let the Monday blues getcha folks! Chim chimney - Chim chimney - Chim chime cher-ee! A sweep is a lucky as lucky can be! :) I don't know why but I felt like singing that along with good morning cheer. :)
SOTD: Nothing by The Script.


  1. Final verdict....Do what makes you happy, Not because it pays! But because you love it, Because you have a gift! A gift that enables you to capture a moment that only your eyes are able to see! So dream, Because your dreams come to life with your gift and your $10,000 camera.

  2. Very nicely put. Thank you anonymous. :)

  3. If you have a $10,000 camera then I think it's about time you start driving that vette you want. Just sayin! Love ya baby girl!

  4. I am just waiting for you to GIFT it to me. :P Black please. Thanksabunches!

  5. Keep dreaming silly girl :-)