Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a photo-less post

This summer I started a photo project called One Step Closer. It allowed me to reconnect with friends I hadn't seen in many many years. I also was able photograph some friends that were always too stubborn to "let" me do my thing. Over all it was a win-win situation. I was extremely happy to constantly spend every ounce free time with a camera in hand. Unfortunately because of everything I had going on the past couple of months, melodramatic technical issues, the horrible hot/rainy weather and the impeccable timing of wind storms wrecking the set (almost every time) ... I decided to postpone the completion of the project until the fall or even winter. Because we all know that Miami's winter is the closest thing to a perfect photo shoot climate. But, I'm anxious. I want to get the ball rolling and posting these pictures of these new and upcoming models I've discovered! (My friends are the cutest!) So, I've come to a compromise. I will be sharing in two parts: Summer Project | Winter Project, which in other words equals to Abigail's ALL of 2011's One Step Closer Project. Nope, that doesn't sound right. Titles never really have been my thing. Let's see, how about, One Step Closer | 2011 Photo Project. I like I like. :P That's whats up next folks. Stay tuned.
SOTD: Such Great Heights by The Postal Service

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

back from hibernation... (YAWN) | Blog Me Monday

Well hello there! Looks like not much has changed around here, huh? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Shame on me. My leave of absence is all over folks... a new phase is definitely coming and I am about ready to start sharing. You all know that I transitioned last year from Baton Rouge, Louisiana back to my home town of Miami, FL and have been working in both places ever since. That's something that will definitely continue. I actually have to book my flight for my end of the year trip to LA before all the holidays catch up to me (available booking dates coming soon). What's been cooking and is still in the works is a new home/studio office. Yeah, that's right! I have a new home! I've been pretty much killing the hours of making it into the most wonderful Abby-thing ever. Home-improvement has never been a facet to scare me, and if we happen to talk about "painting"... well let's just say that I will do just about anything. Even some crazy stripes or two. I never thought that I would have such a yearning to settle roots back in Miami the way that it's actually happened. I feel incredibly blessed to of gotten this far and so so grateful to everyone that has helped me get here. It's been such an emotional roller coaster and I finally feel like I am ready to go on to the next ride. I'm moved in, but there is still so much to do of course. My mom reminds me just about everyday, "little by little". Because if you know me, I have a list and a Sharpie, and I'm ready to get everything done. Pictures will be up soon of the almost finished house project, along with my favorite "step by step" process captures. So I guess the questions is, have I been shooting this summer? Yes, I have. Not as much I would have liked; but enough to satisfy my camera-in-hand urges. I'm kinda going to go backwards in my blogging/story telling order. Up first, something a bit different for my style.
Being back in Miami... is such a WOW thing for me. If you have been an active reader of the blog you will remember reading me rant on and on about 'home' and how much I missed it all ... the beach, the food the places... the weather. And yeah, its pretty much exactly everything I remembered and hoped it would be. One of the favorite perks is living close to the beach. Close enough that I can go to the beach before I get my day started. Go to the beach after a long day. Spend the day at the beach. Or just drive by and see the beautiful blue/green ocean and move along to my next activity. I do all of this on a repeat basis quite often. So when a friend asks me to come shoot at the beach one early morning, my undoubtedly answer was yes. Beach, sun, perfect day and my camera - um yes sir! :) Their hobby: skimming. I don't know of a lot of people who will wake up at 7:00 am every Saturday to go do some form of physical activity. Usually that's the best time to be tossing around bed if you ask me... Still, these guys do it. And they love it so much. Being there and watching them throw that board time after time can be a bit monotonous if you are just sitting in the sand, but with a camera in hand - things change. I always tell them, "Forget that I'm here"... and they do, most of the time. I have picked my favorite ones that kind of tell the story of our morning together... they probably aren't the guy's favorites, but then again this is my blog and I get to pick the ones I want to share. One of them is supposed to be making some kind of video too, so "whenever" that's finished, if he allows me to (cough cough), I'll add it on here as well. Skimming... (a bit more dangerous than I thought)... in South Beach. Miami's little piece of heaven.
Mr. Sunshine is too cool to get in the water. ;) Poor Dairon has a fractured knee and pretty much was in the same boat as I was. Sitting. Waiting. Wishing. Just like Jack Johnson's song.
The wipe out pictures... Man, I wish they wouldn't get offended if I were to post all of those on here. These weren't so bad... at least they aren't the painful looking or embarrassing ones. Falling looks like so much fun!
This outtake just screams - FREEDOM! ... JOY!! ... WOOHOO!!! ... I should definitely have a picture of myself like this somewhere. All this water had me doing a skippity hoppity dance.
[6pumpwm ... a must have before an early morning session. STARBUCKS!] Thank you guys for having me out there with you playing in the sun. I really love how all the pictures turned out and can't wait to see what you all do with them. I'm there with my telescope anytime you need me. Rain or Shine. :D
The weather is starting to change over here. Lots of rain (Of which I haven't complained of one bit. Love me some rainy weather.) & what seems to be a cooler breeze than usual every now and then. November/December are our perfect hair-day months... not too cold and most of the humidity is gone. Can't wait! Next up, I'm not sure if I'll be posting house pictures or session previews. What I would really like to do is put together all my pictures and videos of how it all started. We shall see how that turns out. This week I am shooting one of my favorite little ones again, so excited to see how much she's grown! And to wrap this up... I just want to say: Dear Blog, Oh how I have missed you.
SOTD: Island in the Sun by Weezer. So fitting.