Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just for Me: OSC

How many people can you say, "I've known you almost my whole life"? I have only about a handful of friends that I've known that long. I can remember as if it was only yesterday Mai in preschool with me. Then as we transitioned to elementary we had a small little group... and Mailluli was always much more mature than the rest of us. All throughout our school years, Mai and I have been assigned to sit together because of our last names. Never failed. Those front seats were always ours. Goodness, remembering that time makes me feel ancient. The days of big glasses and Payless sneakers, oh no wait... SPICE GIRLS sneakers and bell bottoms. D.A.R.E & graduation dance practice... when we had the whole world figured out. Things were as easy as giving someone the thumbs up or down. Wow! How time flies. Now we're all grown up and Mai has a little one of her own. Mia. Such a precious little thing! She wanted to model right along her momma. Too cute!! Mai does that eyebrows thing I do... it has become one of my during the shoot questions.. 'Can you lift your eyebrow?' Haha, so silly I know. But most of us do it subconsciously. I know that for me, whenever my attitude kicks in, you can see that eye lifting by the second. You can pretty much determine just how I'm feeling depending on that left eye of mine. It has a mind of its own. Mai, you look beautiful. Love love love.
Mai, we've seen each other change and grow. I'm so proud of us! It's a pleasure to work with you and your family and I really look forward to doing so in the future again. Love you hun! | Priscilla is another friend that I've known forever. Our moms have been friends way back before we even existed. I have pictures of us sitting holding hands as little girls in these tiny dresses. That was such a mom thing to do - "Kids sit/stand and hold hands for the picture." That was many many moons ago. Here she is now... Super fierce! ;) !
Pris, thank you for doing something that you wouldn't normally do. You trusted me 100% and came out of that shell for the time being and it was so meaningful to me. I'm so happy that we got together for this project idea. It allowed me to get to know a whole different side of you. It's a shame that unless someone has the guts to ask things, and dig deep, things go by so unnoticed. It's about time we have another Starbucks date. We have to plan a date for all that we talked about with Sam and the hubby. I am sure it's going to loads of fun. Woop! Woop! :) Muah!
SOTD: Amber by 311

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  1. Mai GonzalezDecember 23, 2011

    awww!!! I cant believe I missed this, <333 it ! Thank you Abby !