Monday, November 28, 2011

Just for Me: OSC

We reunited in a bar after years of not seeing each other. It was definitely catch up time so we had plenty to talk about. From that day on, things progressed into what you can call a sisterly bond. Sure we talk about everyday, go shopping together and have breakfast/lunch/coffee/dinner/movie/TV dates but, then again what two sisters don't? I realized the other day as I started to blog this project that I wanted to post detailed descriptions of my relationships with each one of my 'subjects'. Not because I feel that my blog readers need to know about them, or that it contributes at all to my photography... but because this is my journal. I use my blog to allow others to get to know me... to get a sense for who I am and whether I would fit as their photographer. When time goes by, I want to look back and not only see the progress of my business and how much I've learned throughout the years but also where I was in life, who I was friends with and to what extent. Things always change. Having pictures and written words expressing feelings and relating memories is such an awesome thing to come across years later. I know that if Yane and I were to stop being friends today and never spoke again there would be so much to remember... & I'm about to tell you why. I have so many nicknames for everyone... and it's definitely not because I can't remember people's names (my memory is always crystal clear). Among the many lovely names I call Yane, my favorite for all loving purposes will be Mother Theresa. Simply because if I were to have a mother figure amongst my friends, Yane would be it. She's always reminding me the vital things in life, which I neglect to do in a timely manner, and making sure I come through. She says the phrase "Oh Boy" for pretty much every idea I come up with, wakes me up every Monday-Friday with a [GOODMORRNINGGG - Hello hello - and my ultimate favorite "Ehh Loo" (because if you know me, typing phonetically in Spanish is the way to go.) I must be very predictable or Yane has some kind of psychic power because most of the time she knows what I am going to say even before I start to speak or if I do say something (and not the whole thing) she will just give me one of those - uhuh that actually sounds more like ajaa.. and then I know I'm pretty much screwed because she already knows the rest. I can literally sit here in bed and type up so many things but I won't... she will probably tell me I over did it. AND I probably will. ;) Moving right along to Yane's next best thing... [ ;) ] is my next model: Gary. Gary is Yane's piece of heaven on earth, prince charming, cherry on top, piece of cookie dough on her ice cream... you name it. Having witnessed their relationship almost from the start, I will say that he's definitely been the greatest boyfriend & (as the sister here) I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. We had a bit of trouble with the scheduling of the shoot, because we are all such busy little bees, but once we got together Yane was so relieved... & me too.
I honestly had the hardest time keeping it together during the shoot. Gary and his coaching was way too much to handle. I think this was one of those days that Yane and I will continue to make reference to every time the subject of pictures comes along. Hopefully we will have the same attitude for every shoot we ever do together. I have the next one already in the works. Only problem is that the requested location may be one of those IMPOSSIBLE places to find. ;)
Haha! Alright folks, the pictures above have absolutely nothing to do with the OSC project and I actually didn't even take them. Gary did. But Yane's been asking me when was I going to do that thing I said I was that I haven't gotten around to do doing in forever and a day and it was time. :) This is my "It's Monday and I know you wish it wasn't cause you are working and I'm here in bed still editing away, laughing at what to post because whatever I write I know its not enough and you are probably going to tell me something about it so I'll just go all out and post the 'SFYAOOC' pictures along with detention lines so that they can finally stick in my head kind" kind of present. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Muah Muah! -- Stay tuned, more OSC previews coming up. Happy Cyber Monday everyone!!!
SOTD: The Song of the Heart by Prince

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