Thursday, December 22, 2011

the birth session that got away

This waiting game of being called to the hospital is killer. Makes me think twice before doing anything. Should I take my camera bag every where I go? Am I gonna have time to come back home for it and drive to the hospital if they call me while I'm standing in Walmart's never ending shopping line? Should I go to bed earlier than usual to make sure if they call in the middle of the night I'll be rested? Today was one of those I want to do nothing but sit and wait for the phone to ring. Maybe watch movies. Maybe eat a Big Mac because they are only $1.80 today (buy one get one for a penny day). Maybe help Sam with his Ronald Reagan report. Oh I know, look at all my birth session photos. I'm so glad I did, because the following birth session fell through the blogging cracks. I missed one! This particular one was definitely one of those middle of the night calls. I circled the time in the following picture just so you can see - 3:39 AM. No matter what time it is - capturing the story is very very important to me... so you can bet I will be up and ready the day I am called to the hospital. I remember sitting in a room talking to this family about their birth session. This was another one of my miracle babies. Looking over the pictures makes me feel like it was only yesterday. I present to you: Brandi's birth story.
C-sections are a different ball-game from natural births. Not every hospital will allow a photographer (me) to do all the things I have been allowed to in the past. It's very important to talk to your doctor if you have a scheduled c-section or in the case of an emergency and it were to be the case what the rules are. I've never been turned down from entering the room, but that's because we always plan ahead and get all the information necessary. Every family considering having a birth photographer needs to do their bit of research to make sure it's ok the day the baby is arriving. These next three pictures happen in a total of 3 seconds. And here's the baby!
Mom's reaction to seeing the baby is always my favorite. It's such a tender moment. I can't even imagine what it would feel like first hand. To see the little being that you have been carrying around for 9 months. Your baby. For the first time. After imaging and picturing whether it will have lots of hair, your nose, his eyes... you get to meet him/her. HOW EXCITING! Magical I tell you.
Another wonderfully blessed and happy family who will forever have these images of how their little one arrived in this world. I'm really really antsy now for my phone call. :P It's Thursday, my favorite day of the week, and time to cook. I'm off to become Ms.Rachael Ray and pretend that I am hosting a show and talk to my food. T-T-F-N!
SOTD: Forever by Chris Brown

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