Tuesday, December 6, 2011

love is... | Liz & Alien

"So how did you guys meet?" That's all I had to say and Liz's smile pretty much stayed glued on for the rest of the night. Alien went into a detailed account of how it all happened, Liz corrected him a couple times - kinda like on the movie 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' - and I sat there watching them bubble about each other. They met at a friend's small getty and after a game of Twister, Alien had his eyes set on getting to know Liz. It's been four years since and they are at their loviest peak. I met Alien at the beach while I laid out and photographed the group skim their butts off in South Beach. Once I met Liz, and saw just how protective and caring he was of her, I asked them if they would be interested in collaborating with me. Part two of my love-train-movement would feature this lovely couple. Now that I've gotten to know them a bit more, I know I couldn't of picked a better couple to work with for this particular plan. I am having the hardest time choosing a favorite for my office and hopefully you all will be of some help. This is love according to Liz & Alien:
It's all in the smile.
It's all in the hold.
It's all in the kiss.
I've always been somewhat of fascinated with trains. Now, more than ever, they have become part of my life considering I live right next to a train track and a metro train station. I tell you, it was meant to be. I believe I will do one more set of a couple in a similar scenario to complete my wall of love is... project. Once I get them all printed I will post a picture of just how cool it looks on my spectacular striped gray wall. If you are interested in participating [ I know I had a search before and talked to many couples - if you are one of them and would still like to participate, please contact me again. ] email me. Send me a picture of you and your loved one and I will pick one more couple to receive a session with me and their pictures of our day together. Just for reference and because it's still one of my favorite shoots, you can check out part one of the project here. Many many thanks to Liz and Alien for being such wonderful sports during the shoot and every other time we've gotten together in between. A HUGE thanks to my friends Kevin & Rosy for helping out in every way possible during the shoot and for participating as well. ;) I'm so looking forward to next one! So much that I want to be in one as well! :)
SOTD: I Feel It All & My Moon My Man by Feist

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