Wednesday, December 21, 2011

newborn cuddles

A couple days ago I was in complete baby awe. That's typically how I get when I shoot newborn sessions. Holding a tiny little person and watching them be all snugly and cute makes me all warm inside. I start imagining what its going to be like when my best-friend delivers her baby in June and I get to do this over and over again... Oh my goodness! This itty-bitty person came to play one Sunday morning and we had quite the smiles and giggles going on. Internet, meet Bianca.
There's only ten days left to this crazy year 2011. My, where did all this time go? I am anxiously waiting by the phone to be called in for a birth session. It's kinda scaring me a bit that it's going to be one of those least expected moments. Like right before bed after a really long day... that's when I make myself the strongest batch of coffee known to man to keep me up from falling asleep through the many unexpected hours of child labor. It's such an adrenaline rush for me once I'm there, being in the room, not being part of it at all but capturing every little detail. Witnessing the miracle. That's my favorite part... I get chills just thinking bout it. Eeeeek can't wait! Cheerio folks.
SOTD: Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer

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