Monday, January 16, 2012

... while on vacation in SOBE

Love is the perfect reason for celebration. I had an anniversary session with a couple that was visiting our wonderful city of South Beach this summer. Such a perfect idea don't you think? It's very common for families to have getaway sessions while they are vacationing here at the beach. It's so pretty here! Unfortunately on the day of this session, we had a big thunderstorm clouding up the whole week... we barely even made our session. But the time we did spend together, we managed to stay rain free. [ That is until it was time to go home and my brother & I high-tailed it five blocks in the pouring rain to the car. Fun! Fun! Then again, we kind of have a thing for rain.]
There's much reason for celebration around the house and I can hardly contain it all in my tiny little figure. This new year is definitely starting in the right foot. There's only one problem, how much I'm going to miss being at home all day with this little fur ball of mine. Goodness I love him so much. :) It's time to work!
SOTD: Right As Rain by Adele

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  1. your photos here are so cool. they look great. your dog looks like he is having a good dream.